How to catch a cheating husband under anesthesia

I wish this movie well in theaters! CincySaint 1 July Tim Blake Nelson explores the mystery of what life is all about. There are some brilliant performances by K. Todd Freeman and Gretchen Mol. While I like Kristen Stewart unlike most people , her part is very small although powerful and sad. I did not love the ending but the movie is still well worth watching. This is not a feel good, happy movie but It felt real and raw and very much what life is like. Instead of wasting two hours on a formulaic, predictable movie, try this and contemplate how beautiful, terrible, messy, and wonderful life is.

I found this film to be disappointingly predictable and a self- indulgent piece of "entertainment". It would have been more entertaining to watch paint drying - and about as easy to guess the next scene.

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The characters were all two-dimensional and lacking in any depth. One detail that particularly irritated me was the lecturing manner - and content - of the supposed Columbia University philosophy professor. He addressed his class in a manner that no real lecturer would, speaking in over-written prose found only in bad novels - and poorer made-for-TV films.

The subjects matter he seemed to cover was so eclectic and with such a tenuous connection to any school of philosophy that I wondered if the script writer was having a joke at the audience's - or academia's - expense. The concept of one incident linking various disparate individuals, and thus illustrating aspects of life - or in this case New York city - is so over-used that it will now only succeed with a better than average script.

Unfortunately, despite the reasonably capable cast, this was a forlorn exercise. A husband and wife in marriage trouble, a wife with health issues, a young woman with mental problems and two old friends on opposite ends of the law all have an impact on each other without realizing it. I really enjoy movies like this. Movies where seemingly individual stories all converge at the end. This one adds to that. The movie starts off a little slow but really grows on you and by the end you really don't want it to end.

The only downside is the movie is a little too predictable, but it does have enough curves to keep you surprised though. The acting is very good in this and this is a sleeper movie that should be seen by more people than it will. Overall, a movie to watch for the acting and the story, not for everyone but those that like it will really like it. I did. This brilliant production manages to be intellectual and honest without being condescending or preachy. Particularly touching is the relationship between teacher and student.

In their conversations, you find a paradox that I would imagine to be common among philosophers: you can delve into your work, searching for truth and meaning, but, by doing that, you can lose the social interaction that is key to finding those in our interconnected world. Humans are in a lose-lose situation, because they can't have both to the "necessary" degree. We can't "have it all". Ultimately, we can only pretend, and the only way to find total happiness is to accept at worst lies or at best suppositions.

We are stuck in a semi-irrational state -- between nothingness and being God-like, as the young boy says to his sister. As another reviewer indicated, this film shares a subtle, and somewhat depressing, "life can't help but go on" message.

How to catch a cheating husband under anesthesia

You see this with the ending of the young boy juxtaposed with the troubles of his mother, but you also see it after the hospitalization of the drug addict. Rather than being focused on the troubles of his close friend, the lawyer was caught up in sex and his work.


The film does not give much solace to those confused and looking for answers on life -- it really can't -- but it gives great insight into human suffering. Just saw this horrible movie. What a waste of time. Hey go see it if you want to: 1 hear little kids telling their parents to f off. This movie is the Hollywood masters last laugh at what they have done to us. But hey, why not go see it. Apparently your brain is already fried, according to this movie. PeterLormeReviews 24 January Anesthesia is an indie drama is produced,written,directed by Tim Blake Nelson, who also stars in the film.

This film is a mixed bag for me.

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I thought the acting was phenomenal. The script was creative, but at times I found it dull. I was bored for most of the film. The ending was investing and pulled me in. I cannot say that about the majority of the film. The movie centers around several characters. This can either work or flop. The movie manages to do both. The other characters are neutral, mainly because they are completely forgettable. Solid start, flat middle, great ending. Esme 7 October What's the point of life? The film begs the question. Tim Blake Nelson has made one of the most pretentious and bombastic films, pandering to pseudo-intellectual movie "buffs" to converse over their vegan, 5-calorie, triple shot macchiatos.

Every character is too self-aware of their existence. They all question, rather than investigate the point of life, which is lazily done through characters reflecting out loud why they do the things they do. At the beginning of the film, Walter asks why we continue bringing children into a world so cruel.

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Why bring children into the world and not teach them respect so they can't say lines such as: "So dad can be gone all the time and you can be drunk all night? In another scene, teenage kids tell their parents to "F off" and that smoking weed every day is less potent than the parents' 4 glasses of wine at night. Throughout the film, Kristen Stewart goes on various diatribes informing us pseudo-intellectuals how unhappy she is, because she is alive and can't stop being alive. She harms herself with a curling iron and when asked why, she says, "to remind myself of why I'm here.

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That is exhausting to try to translate. I half expected her to take out Romeo's poison and drink it as a last "screw you" to the world, but alas, she will have to endure the curse of life like the rest of us. Also, don't do drugs. Moviegoer19 9 January He's not in this film but he could have been.

I am a great fan of most of WA's work and I also really like this movie. As far as films go, it's "deep" raising some of the "big" issues of human suffering and the meaning of life, and it's done really well. One thing that made it compelling, in my opinion, is the casting. Everyone is not beautiful looking, yet everyone I found to be very engaging. Another way of saying this is the acting was excellent across the board.

For a movie with subject matter that could have wound up seeming pretentious, I think the big issues were handled well. For example, towards the end,when the two teenagers were so delicately having sex for the first time, while the boy's mother was undergoing exploratory surgery, it was an artistic way of showing the "life can't help but go on" theme.

Likewise, the ending, in which the Sam Waterston character extends kindness to the street drug addict who then intervenes and gets killed when Sam W. Ultimately we die and some people are bigger a-holes than others, but in the end what we choose to be meaningful matters. The majority will be able to relate to at least one, if not more of the issues portrayed here.

Lives of several New Yorkers are interconnected in Anesthesia and some are more interesting than others. The cast is headed by Sam Waterston and Glenn Close as a philosophy professor at Columbia University and his wife and it's the eve of his retirement. He's just given a final capstone lecture and I have to say it ranks with some of the great orations that Spencer Tracy did in the classic Hollywood era. Daughter Dan M.

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Blackberry Monitoring Software. He was healthy, happy and life was beautiful. Our dreams had come true. A tiny miracle that we were beyond grateful for. We were in the hospital for four days due to c section. When we got home from the hospital, I immediately started experiencing very intense postpartum depression. It was terrible, and I have never felt anything like it before. I was incredibly blessed that this only lasted a few weeks. It was hell to be honest. When Mason was just five months old, I took him to visit our friends at our local Chick-fil-A. I love Chick-fil-A!

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And I especially loved it when I was pregnant. I went through the drive-through every single morning that I would go to work. The smell of the food was overpowering me. As soon as I shut the car door to head home, I knew something was up. That was the day we found out we were pregnant with Finn. My pregnancy with Mason was miserable due to my fears from losing the girls. Well, God really wanted to test that promise to myself and at 19 weeks, we found out that Finn had severe heart disease.

We went all over trying to find someone that would help us. But time after time the answer was no. So, we planned a funeral with an amazing local woman named Tammy with Garden of Angels all while a beautiful ultrasound tech named Keri allowed me to see baby Finn as often as I wanted until he passed. To these two women, thank you. Thank you so so much. This is what got me through the pregnancy. The weeks went on and on and he was still there. He was kicking, and his heart was still beating. He made it to birth and was born at a.

I had major complications during this surgery and so did he. We went into the day worried about Finn and then Michael got the news something had gone wrong and I was being put under general anesthesia immediately. Eight months later in the hospital being separated from my older son and husband at home.

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Almost saying goodbye a few times. But he did it. WE did it. Our family and community rallied around watching Mason, mowing our grass, making meals. It takes a village and that is an understatement.