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Explore Plus. Karbonn Mobiles. Rate Product. Pretty impressive phone for the price Good call clarity Good speaker phone Excellent screen for a sub 2k price Huge battery Reasonable length usb cable supplied in the box not a tiny 2 cm type wire like nokia Sashi Nov, Just received the product and have done all the hands on in couple of minutes. Cons: 1. It have max of the features but all are substandard of-course in Rs u should not expect a samsung galaxy s4.

Its a "dual standby" not "dual active", i got confused otherwise i would have not purchased this handset. Pros : Whatever you got in this price range its a pros so nothing specific. My handset is currently in charging, I can't give the battery feedback as of now. I purchase it fo Anuj Certified Buyer May, The most pathetic product delivered by Flipkart..

This phone was supposed to be for emergency. I failed to even unpack the phone when it got delivered my fault , yesterday I unpacked the phone and tried to use it I found the sim slots to be damaged..!! This was my first and going to be the last experience with Karbonn.

Pros: 1. Display colour depth n quality is good 2. Sound quality is great sound is coming clear in full volume also 3. Battery backup is also good gives days backup 4.

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Cool LED torch is there in the top of the handset Cons: 1. I received my mobile within one hour from service center.

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Bu unfortunately problem not resolved and still persist. Hi, I bought this mobile last week and i got prob with memory card slot. If with the first four points everything is more or less clear, then with the last it is not very clear. If you believe the leaks, then this same spectrometer will be responsible for the analysis of the chemical composition of the recorded object.

The appearance of such a sensor is not just a myth, but already a reality thanks to a Samsung patent back in September. But time will show how useful and efficient it will be. The main thing is that Samsung does not change its traditions, because as you know, Samsung flagships have always been considered innovative. For the remaining parameters, there is no information at all, but after a little reflection and recalling the characteristics of the Galaxy S10, you can predict the actions of the brand.

The battery capacity is worth waiting no lower than mAh, fast charging in the Galaxy S11 will offer from 15 to 25 watts, and the smartphone will also have Qi wireless charging. Galaxy S11 - release date With a high degree of certainty, we can say that the flagship will again be presented at the MWC Electronics Exhibition, which is scheduled to start on February As for the cost, it can grow a little relative to the starting price tag of the Galaxy S All Samsung Galaxy A we reviewed them all Samsung company pleasantly surprised this year: they produced not only good flagships but also paid quite a lot of attention to the budget and mid-market segments.

The most popular series of Samsung smartphones is the Galaxy A Now the line has more than 20 smartphones. The main feature of the smartphone is a light version of the Android operating system. Phones have virtually no competitors in this price category. This trinity offers more advanced specifications and more functionality. The Samsung Galaxy A20, A20e, A20s have a fingerprint scanner, a more thoughtful and holistic design, an enlarged screen and a dual main camera with an ultra-wide viewing angle of degrees.

Thanks to this, much more detail gets into the frame than with standard shooting. Another feature of the line is support for fast charging. Without it, in the modern world, simply hard to survive. These are not budget smartphones anymore - this is a pleasant middle class. It's hard to find better screens in this price category than Samsung Galaxy A30 and A30s - it's hard to find fault with the quality of the 6.

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The main camera of smartphones is double, but AI magic is added to the good characteristics of the sensors, which automatically takes the photo capabilities of the Samsung Galaxy A30 and A30s to a new level. AI automatically adjusts settings for saturation, white balance, and brightness. Perhaps the camera is the strongest side of the Samsung Galaxy A30 and A30s. Most likely, precisely because of this, a couple of compact smartphones Samsung Galaxy A40 and A40s appeared in the series.

These are really small devices that stand out quite a bit from modern devices: the Samsung Galaxy A40 and A40s screen sizes are only 5. However, device chips are not only their dimensions. The manufacturer focused on the front camera. Samsung Galaxy A40 and A40s have a resolution of 25 MP, which sharply distinguishes smartphones from other devices from this price category, and fans of playing on phones will appreciate the eight-core Exynos mobile processor with a maximum clock frequency of 2.

Samsung Galaxy A40 and A40s are powerful, compact and inexpensive smartphones. Thought these series of smartphones, the company shows a portrait of the perfect gadget. Here you have advanced technologies, and adequate pricing, and stylish design. It is impossible not to note the sub-screen fingerprint scanner, which first appeared in the Galaxy A lineup specifically on the Samsung Galaxy A50 and A50s. It is worth saying that the Samsung Galaxy A60 is a very interesting smartphone. Guys, even Xiaomi can envy such combo.

A distinctive feature of the Samsung Galaxy A60 is the front camera, which is located right inside the display in the upper right corner. Do not worry, the screen quality is not affected. In general, the Samsung Galaxy A60 is worth paying attention to, if you want to try Samsung with Snapdragon on board - a decent smartphone. This is a segment where you no longer understand what you are holding: a smartphone or tablet. The business reel of the Samsung Galaxy A70 and A70s are unlimited displays 6. The screen is just awesome for absorbing content and mobile games.

Samsung Galaxy A80 is the company's first smartphone with a triple camera, which is located at the top of the phone. The triple camera of the Samsung Galaxy A80 is represented by the main sensor of 48 megapixels, an ultra-wide module of 8 megapixels and a ToF-sensor for determining the depth of scenes needed to blur the background in portrait mode. The combination, of course, is standard for this price category, but the design in the form of a swivel makes it special: just select the "selfie" mode and the camera will leave the back of the case and tune in exactly for you.

From the name of the new product it follows that it received support for fifth-generation networks, as well as the flagship processor in the face of Snapdragon Smartphone sales in South Korea started in September. The global launch of the Samsung Galaxy A90 is still in question. Without a phone, we are lost in navigation, having a hard time deciding on the choice of a restaurant, cannot call a taxi and etc. Smartphones are really tightly integrated into our lives and significantly simplify it.

Therefore, it is critical that your favorite smartphone work as much as possible under load. And for all this the battery is responsible. Huawei Mate 20 Pro - 4, mAh Perhaps the flagship from Huawei does not have the most powerful battery, but its board has the necessary technologies that ensure the long battery life of the Huawei Mate 20 Pro.

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Its 4, mAh battery is made of "tricky" alloys that can store mAh for a long time. The economical OLED screen and 7-nanometer processor also play an important role in ensuring high autonomy. From Huawei Mate 20 Pro, you can safely expect one and a half to two days of work.

The flagship has a unique design, high-quality cameras from Leica and high speed. What more can you want from a smartphone? Modern shockproof Chinese smartphones have a neat appearance and advanced technical characteristics. Naturally, such a colossus has excellent battery: the mAh battery lasts for several days of active work. Apparently, no. The main feature of the phone is a large and bright high-resolution display. The low cost combined with powerful technical stuffing make Xiaomi Mi Max 3 very attractive for purchase. Especially, until the fourth generation of the phablet came out.

The large screen of Xiaomi Mi Max 3 provides energy to a no less modest battery at 5, mAh. This is quite enough for the phone to work under a load for two days. This is a fresh Chinese release from a young company Umidigi, which is engaged in the production of low-cost smartphones.

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Despite the low cost, Umidigi Power offers a very serious set of features: a modern design with a drop-shaped cutout, a 6. In general, a universal standard. The battery of Umidigi Power is not only powerful but also supports the fast charging function. It is leading not only in terms of battery life the phone lasts really long , but also in other parameters. For example, the Asus Zenfone 6 just has a stunning screen without any cutouts.

What's the secret? They simply installed a retractable camera in the flagship case, which rotates - they promise that it will withstand up to , such maneuvers. Asus Zenfone 6 also has a top-end filling: a serious supply of RAM and an ultra-modern Snapdragon on board. Asus Zenfone 6 is an ultimate technical solution that does not require constant recharging. Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha: true alpha in the world of smartphones Since the first Xiaomi Mi Mix was launched no one has been able to greatly shake the air with the help of bold innovations. Everyone fell silent and waited for another loud conceptual announcement.

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And here's the unexpected: Xiaomi shot again. The main feature of this smartphone is the screen. Basically, the display - is the smartphone. No mechanical buttons and other nonsense. Instead of making a book from a smartphone, as Samsung tried to do, Xiaomi decided to make a newspaper.

A newspaper that someone has already folded up to you and gave you to read. And it looks really stylish and fresh. Even somehow frighteningly revolutionary. On the day of the announcement of the phone, many thought that the device would be shown only on stage, but after the event itself, visitors were invited to a special pavilion, where the working prototypes of Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha were waiting for the lucky ones. So Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha is already here and now, and not tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.

The company approached the design of Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha soberly: they threw out everything that interferes and left everything that is needed. What do you need? Screen and main camera. The rest can simply be selected or replaced with alternative technologies. The classic earpiece has been replaced with special technology that can transmit sound through the screen.

The mechanical edges of the volume and the unlock button were replaced by touch edges equipped with a special vibration motor that simulates the recoil effect. This whole display looks just pompous. Its diagonal is as much as 7. The type of matrix that is bent is OLED. These small islands of reliability are made of titanium, and the glass is reliably protected by a special protective film. The engineers of this smartphone simply took and pushed all the advanced technologies into this smartphone.

Faster and more productive for smartphones based on Android have not yet been invented. Most likely, for most users this will be enough. Together with a powerful processor, a new generation modem - Snapdragon X50 - migrated to the smartphone. This not only looks beautiful but also protects the sensors from unwanted mechanical stress. And there is something to protect there: the main camera is represented by a special development from Samsung - a MP sensor.

In short, cameras are really serious.

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I had to sacrifice a headphone jack, but this is probably not such a problem for the concept flagship, which was released at the end of There is support for fast charging: from a wire speed of 40 watts, from a wireless 30 watts, from a reverse 10 watts. The battery capacity and the presence of two screens affected the weight and thickness of the device: the weight of the Xiaomi Mi MIX Alpha is grams and the thickness is Well, the main feature of this smartphone is its price. We cannot judge them for such pricing.

High tech can't be cheap! Huawei Mate 30 - photo flagship with a beautiful design, as well as an incredibly powerful Kirin processor Recently Huawei introduced two of the latest flagship Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro - the announcement of new products took place in Munich. Despite the sanctions from the United States, due to which Huawei had a lot of problems, the manufacturer decided not to give up and go on the planned road.

As usual, the Mate 30 and Mate 30 Pro turned out to be the most advanced Huawei devices, because they were the first to try the latest flagship chipset Kirin , new camera features, new displays and everything else. There are two smartphones, and there is only one article, so today there will be an analysis of the younger flagship - Huawei Mate What is interesting about the device and how innovative it turned out, you will now find out.

Huawei Mate 30 - review and specifications of the latest flagship The first thing to start with is design. Compared with the Huawei Mate 20, the new product has visually changed and became prettier. In general, the drop-shaped notch changed to a monobrow and this is not quite what we expected, but this solution excused by a full-fledged 3D face scanner that installed in the new product, as well as a motion sensor, which is responsible for managing gestures. At the back, the Mate 30 looks completely different.

A large LED flash appeared, new body colors appeared: green, orange, silver, green, purple and black. Same as before, the device is made of glass tempered front and rear and metal. The smartphone can also boast with the top-end Kirin processor, which is comparable in power to the Snapdragon Naturally, the flagship Huawei Mate 30 has got some of the best cameras on the smartphone market.

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A feature of the device is that it is capable of writing slow-motion video p fps, as well as 4K with a frame rate of 60 fps. As in the previous generation, the Mate 30 offers an unusual type of matrix RYYB, which better copes with color reproduction, as well as shooting in poor conditions. They equipped the device with a powerful mAh battery with support for charging up to 27 watts.

It is worth noting that the device has the latest Type-C 3. Huawei Mate 30 is the company's first device without Google services. All this is due to the fact that Huawei has US sanctions. However, Huawei solves this problem using the proprietary AppGallery app store, where you can download the missing Google utilities.

The operating system in the smartphone is the latest version of Android TOP 5 Bluetooth speakers with an interesting design and low price Bluetooth speakers have recently become more popular and manufacturers of gadgets take advantage of this. Today you can find a Bluetooth speaker for every taste and color, any size, shape, as well as cost. What can I say if there are even portable Bluetooth speakers in the form of a watch. We picked up both unusual options, and quite simple, or rather classic. Let's start! A great option for home, as well as a no less wonderful gift for really dear people.

I am glad that the manufacturer took care of a wide range of colors, so you can purchase Mini Cat Shape in five different colors: blue, purple, matte black, dark red and white. The specifications of the portable speaker are as follows: Bluetooth version 5. Speaker 5 W, the sound is clear, bright and loud, without distortion. Built-in battery with a capacity of mAh, provides 8 hours of playback at normal volume.

The appearance of the cat is fashionable and personal, suitable for a gift. The design of the Bluetooth speaker resembles either an old radio or a tv rather the second and fits perfectly into any interior. Again this option is more for the home than for the street or nature, however, wherever this portable speaker is located, it will be able to diversify the atmosphere everywhere. Support voice assistant, TF card, music playback, radio function.

Built-in mAh battery provides playback time up to 5 hours. Ability to install the smartphone in the seat stand at the antennas. This portable speaker is so tiny that it can be hidden right in the palm of your hand. However, despite its modest dimensions, the column does not sound like a quiet one. This baby will definitely be able to ignite the dance floor, even if only in your home. Bluetooth Speaker Specs: Mini speaker size, convenient and portable. With selfie photo function remote shutter release.

Built-in microphone for hands-free calling. Special Bluetooth 2. Support for TWS function: support for two speakers connected wirelessly, achieving two-channel effect, true wireless stereo. Powered by a built-in mAh lithium-ion battery. This instance will appeal primarily to those who would like some kind of JBL, no less high quality, as well as inexpensive.

The speaker has an output power of sound of 10 watts and also can illuminate the body depending on the beat of the music. Such a column will definitely become the center of attention on the street, while it is perfect for lighting on the street dance floor, especially in the evening. As they say: stylish, fashionable, youth! Specs of TG Bluetooth specification: 4. Wireless transmission range: 10 meters.

Battery capacity: mAh. Power consumption: 3. Playback time: 3 hours. Power: 5Wx2. Dimensions: Bluetooth calls can be answered with a single button. But this is a loud Bluetooth speaker, which is suitable for use anytime, anywhere. However, the high popularity of this model speaks for itself. The thing is that a huge number of color solutions are offered to choose from: black, gold, blue, raspberry, red, gray and white.

Stereo audio transmission protocol A2DP V1. Support TF card, car bluetooth, free call. Support FM function and voice assistant. The memory function starts automatically from the last song. The speaker can be connected to a mobile phone or computer. High-quality stereo sound, powerful bass. Already on September 10, the annual autumn presentation of Apple will be held. Tonight, you can see all these actions live. In the meantime, 24 hours before the event, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the latest leaks so you know what to expect.

Wow, it will be hot! The company from Cupertino will immediately introduce three new phones. What they will be called is a big question. This is a good distribution of roles, so Apple will continue to move in this direction.